extreme hesitation

The times they are a changing

Fingers hovering over my keyboard, it is with extreme hesitation I embark on this adventure into a brave new world of blogging.  Will it work out?

Who knows.

All I know is that I still keep a box at home of letters sent to me by various primary school and high school friends who wrote to me when I moved to London aged 14. It was some years later that we all figured out how to email and never looked back.

Technology seems to be advancing faster than it once did. But then again, I remember the frustration and anguish my mum used to suffer trying to figure out how to use the VCR. She usually resorted to getting us kids to do it. She recently tried to hook her parents up with a computer only to find they stumbled at the first step of how to manoeuvre the mouse.

So having resolved not to let technology trap me, but instead to let it set us free, let’s see if I can save this post without losing the whole thing (which I remember in the early days of email I managed to do with surprising frequency)…


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