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Euro zone a car crash: best keep your eyes on the road

You know how most of the traffic created by a car crash is not the crash itself, but everyone slowing down to have a rubberneck? Well, the same thing can happen with economies. And fair enough, the unfolding car crash … Continue reading

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Monopoly blues: why top bosses’ riches are undeserved

In the hit Broadway musical How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying, a young window washer discovers a book that tells him the secrets to climbing the corporate ladder. If such a book were to exist in Australia, it … Continue reading

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Whither house prices?

Want to hear some good news? Amid the sharemarket turmoil, street riots and other portents of impending apocalypse, relative calm has descended on the Australian housing market. Home affordability has improved.

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US credit rating downgrade explained

PERHAPS the most confusing thing about the first-ever downgrade to the credit rating of the United States government is the way it simultaneously says everything, and nothing, about the future of the world economy. In simple terms, a country’s credit … Continue reading

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The US debt crisis explained

Getting to grips with the long term implications of the sovereign debt debacle unfolding in the United States Congress involves understanding a lot of “d” words. Here’s a quick cheat sheet to help get you up to speed. The US … Continue reading

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No more flogging the debt horse

A golden age for Australian retailers is over. Gone. Finished. Retailers offer plenty of short-termscapegoats for their current woes: the carbon tax, the flood levy, the higher Australian dollar, higher interest rates. But, in reality, the current downturn in retail … Continue reading

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Westpac’s Bill Evans’ BIG call on rate cuts

SMH 16-07-11: THE collapse in consumer sentiment and increasing risk of a European sovereign debt default have prompted Australia’s second-biggest bank to forecast the Reserve Bank will cut interest rates by one percentage point by the end of September 2012.

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