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Tony Abbott-o-nomics, or not…

Economics textbooks are hefty objects. Many a kinked neck and curved spine have resulted from children being forced to lug such weighty tomes between school and home. Whether many students manage to read and absorb the often turgid contents of … Continue reading

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Making big polluters pay

MAKING big polluters pay to pollute. That’s what it all boils down to. Has there ever been a public debate so mired in weasel words, management speak and general mumbo-jumbo than the so-called “carbon pricing” debate?

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What next for your mortgage?

Interest rates are going up. No, wait! Interest rates are going down. Er, interest rates are staying on hold. Confused? The global financial crisis has claimed a new victim: the interest rate forecasting industry. Predicting monthly moves by the Reserve … Continue reading

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which households consume the most electricity?

HOUSEHOLDS on the upper north shore of Sydney are among the biggest culprits in consuming household electricity, the main driver of domestic contribution to climate change.

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lunch with john quiggin, aka the zombie hunter

After years on the outer, a long-time critic of the economic rationalists finds a new audience for his spiky commentary, writes Jessica Irvine. The financial crisis dealt a body blow to the once-revered economics profession. Dragged down from their ivory … Continue reading

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carbon price is supposed to hurt a little

SMH April 16, 2011: FREE lollies for everyone! Any student politician worth his or her salt knows the way to a university student’s heart is through the stomach. When grown-ups play politics, they simply aim a smidgen lower, at the … Continue reading

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carbon price will force us to change

SMH April 6, 2011: There’s an old economist joke: an economist is walking with a friend when they both notice a $100 note lying on the footpath. As the friend bends to pick it up, the economist shakes her head … Continue reading

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