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Why we need a national disability insurance scheme

Imagine yourself, for a moment, temporarily transported from where you are right now. You are in a clearing in the woods. Around you are nine other people. You all appear to one another in the same, shapeless form. You have … Continue reading

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US credit rating downgrade explained

PERHAPS the most confusing thing about the first-ever downgrade to the credit rating of the United States government is the way it simultaneously says everything, and nothing, about the future of the world economy. In simple terms, a country’s credit … Continue reading

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How much does mining really contribute?

To believe some of what we hear lately, the Australian economy has hitched its entire fortunes to the profit margins of the big mining companies. Having once hitched a ride on the sheep’s back, Australians are now driving a monster … Continue reading

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What next for your mortgage?

Interest rates are going up. No, wait! Interest rates are going down. Er, interest rates are staying on hold. Confused? The global financial crisis has claimed a new victim: the interest rate forecasting industry. Predicting monthly moves by the Reserve … Continue reading

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Aussie women gain political power without quotas

AUSTRALIAN women have bucked the international trend by achieving 30 per cent of seats in Parliament without the use of quotas. The first major report by UN Women – the new United Nations body given the job of promoting gender … Continue reading

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blowing smoke: big tobacco’s fight against plain packaging

First it was the grocery giants, then the petrol retailers, then the banks and the mining companies. Now it’s the turn of Big Tobacco to unleash a campaign of mass confusion on the Australian public in an attempt to undermine … Continue reading

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our lucky currency

As economic power shifts to the East, Australia’s turbo-charged dollar may be a mixed blessing, writes Jessica Irvine. Predicting the next move in the Australian dollar has become something of a national pastime since our dollar dazzler struck parity with … Continue reading

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